Thursday, November 17, 2011

About e3w3 in English

After father passed away, all we were eager to see if father can come up to say somethings through our spiritual medium uncle during wakes. As a result that 4 shows up in 7 wakes. "Don't always change jobs for 3 years in east then another 3 years in west." said by father in wake period.

Even couples years have been passed, still kept the same situation. I was ashamed to testament told to me sometimes. At some points, the hover surroundings to turn over and over until these two years. I finally realized that my characteristic is just like it runs, same theory upon changes from world. Does it coincide with mine? Afterthen it came out that the Doctrine of Mean is better joyously in my heart.

Although father talked usually with few words, I always reflashed my heart to understand suddenly that what's the best gift father sent to me? I gradually probed to remember that there's no thing is more important than eating. Said by father. Wisdom people with less words. Yeah! Can anyone tell me that his or her whole life is not for caring to eat? One can eat a lot everytime but someone can't be able to be a vagrant. One eats fishbone, someone just eats rice. From day to night, can still one tell me you are not for eating to live and work?

Foolish people likes me with more words. Yeah, thus since father's words is such few to remember, even no. But how can we four sons can know idea from father's words? A man of great wisdom often appears slow-witted. A man of slow-witted often aslo appears great wisdom. The world feels emotion. In the end, a performance has to be combined dependently by couples in opposite and identical to weave, can't be done if leave just one out.

The world is unrest. The family is unrest. My heart was unrest too. But thing is beatiful with such cute unrest. There's no clear heart can be enlightened if no such unrest appeared. So I tell myself that I have to enlighten first. Then family can be enlightened and generate less unrest factors coming and world will bring more mildness up. The ordinary in ancent for life is eat, cloth, live, walk, education and entertenment. But now is something reversely. It becomes that people feels life better and treat themselves well when only the ordinaries are entertainment first, cloth, car, eat, live and education. From its truely natures, thing belongs to eastern side but also to western side or maybe there's neither eastern world nor western world exists ever. In the end, it's all that people suffers torments from one's magic heart. All originally are variable. Well, too far away from contents...
Slowly came back upon: positve and negtive, righteousness and wickedness, black and white, also from boundless scenarios which seems to be either mutually dependent or independent, to be either stuck together or never.
From them, shocking extremely my heart already. You can come out your own life to fly world and even inside insignificantly small elements. Coming up e3w3 it is!

Sincerely dedicate by this About to my beloved parents.

Also see About e3w3 in Chinese.

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